International Applicants

To study one of our dual degree programmes as an international applicant, the following steps need to be taken:

Partner Company:
To join a Dual Study Programme of StudiumPlus you first of all need to find a place with a partner company that employs you as dual student. This can be one of our current partner companies or a new company prepared to join the CCD, the association uniting all our partner companies. Many companies offer their places on our German website. Once you have been offered a place, the company will nominate you as a student with us. It is not possible to enrol yourself with us directly without a partner company.

Language skills:
All our degrees are taught in German. To study with us you need to prove your German language skills. Access a list of accepted tests and the required level on the THM International Office Website. The enrollment requires a recognized language certificate (PDF Part II).

University Entrance Qualification:
Generally, all applicants who have not obtained their higher education entrance qualification in Germany apply to study at THM via the preliminary examination centre uni-assist. Here, a check is made as to whether the university entrance qualification and the language certificate meet the requirements of enrollment.

Procedure of the application process:

  • Apply online (application period 01.04. – 15.07. in the year you plan to start your studies)
  • Pay the handling fee
  • Post your certificates as certified copies and, if necessary, translations by court-certified translators to uni-assist.
  • Submit the copy of the application form of your StudiumPlus partner company. This is to prove that there is a contract with a partner company, which is mandatory to study with StudiumPlus.
  • If all your papers are complete, test results will be forwarded to THM after 4-6 weeks.

Important: To process your application your documents and the handling fee must have arrived at uni-assist at the latest at the application deadline (15.07.). More information can also be found on the website of the THM International Office.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.